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Rhiannon Arcardia

I don’t want to double post, so I’ll link from Expat Bostonians Last Thursday I went into my appointment and found out I was having a baby…that afternoon. That night, we welcomed Rhiannon Arcadia into the world. I shared her … Continue reading

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Still Pregnant and why I loved my induction

It’s kissing up on midnight so I can safely say that I’m confident I’ll make 35 weeks.  Now the goal is 36.  One week at a time, right? Most people I know consider induction the “i” word. (maybe it’s tied … Continue reading

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I was released late last night (after I whined a great deal about how I couldn’t sleep in the hospital and hadn’t had a contraction in over 24 hours) and have been catching up on sleep at home in my … Continue reading

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So, still in hospital, but the labor has been stopped for a long time and I’m off the continuous monitoring and in a regular room. With luck I get to go home tomorrow morning.  I’m ore than ready.

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When Wheelie got competitive Dear Wheelie 34 weeks

Dear Wheelie I realize that you have gotten the proverbial short end of the stick lately.  It’s been all Ellie all the time, and you haven’t gotten weekly letters or even much in the way of blog posts. I’m sorry.  … Continue reading

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Where I’ve been

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  It’s been all I could manage to keep Expat Bostonians up and running.  I also can only write so many posts about vomiting, and that’s pretty much been my life since … Continue reading

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Getting used to the idea

I find myself quickly becoming used to the idea of another daughter.  And thrilled.  And relieved (boys are alien to me and having a son is a scary idea in truth). I’ve shopped, started mooning over names, and can’t wait … Continue reading

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