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2010 Parenting Resolutions…how’d I do?

1-To remember to take joy in my daughter every day.  Sometimes I get so caught up in her medical stuff or how exasperating she can be with her toddler tantrums or waste energy on being stressed because I cleaned and … Continue reading

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Sometimes we look into a mirror and we see a stranger

Like most parents, I have an ideal balanced life I am constantly straining to achieve.  I want to be a good and involved mom to Elanor, but not so over-involved that she doesn’t breathe without my coaxing it through her … Continue reading

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Before we left Boston April 2010

Basically these are pictures and video I meant to share at some point in the last two months and didn’t because of the craze of the move and then the crappy slow internets… Boston, April 2010 Our last trip to … Continue reading

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How to ruin a pediatrician’s day

1-Give birth to a highly medical child 2-Build trust with a specific team of doctors over the course of a year and a half 3-Move halfway across the world 4-Get a pedi recommendation from another mom 5-Call pedi’s office and … Continue reading

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The last few days in Elanor’s World

*Coughs* *Brushes some cobwebs off a corner of the screen* My, it’s a bit dusty here, isn’t it?  Sorry about that…it’s been a crazy first week here in Singapore.  I’ll try to do better here in the future. I’ve done … Continue reading

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Here Safe (repost from Singapore Blog)

We are here safe and sound. However, my internet access is spotty right now, so I’ll do a lengthier update later. The trip in bullet form Flights were on time No we didn’t get any upgrades, and will get our … Continue reading

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Elanor’s Going Away Party

When I think about how the move will affect Elanor, one of the most difficult things to accept is that we are taking her away from our families and the friends (old and new) who have been such a huge … Continue reading

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