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Where I’ve been

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  It’s been all I could manage to keep Expat Bostonians up and running.  I also can only write so many posts about vomiting, and that’s pretty much been my life since … Continue reading

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Sex after baby…

Today I gave a talk about regaining sexuality post-baby at the first women’s sexuality conference ever held in Singapore. I felt really lucky to be part of it, and to share what I’ve learned. The truth is that many, far … Continue reading

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Two half Indian-half Causasian brothers were kicked off their “all Indian soccer team” for not being Indian enough. Head….desk.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat. This is the sort of bullshit I get worried about…if my children (although of course, at the moment … Continue reading

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She’s too big for a stroller

It seems impossible that Elanor is too big for her stroller.  Not by weight, but ability and independence.  But she is. I still carry the stroller.  If I need a safe place for her (or a punishment) it’s handy.  If … Continue reading

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Leaving on a Jet Plane…the mommy guilt

Feel free to read over at Expat Bostonians how excited I am to be heading out for a 5 day 4 night break from my kid. Stay here to hear me whine that I feel guilty, even though I know … Continue reading

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computer down

E knocked my laptop off the table (it was hooked to the tv for the Superbowl and just stayed there for the rest of the day) when R had his back turned and B left the room without telling him. … Continue reading

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There but for the grace of something go you….

You know how your child’s toys are always underfoot? Well, yesterday one of Elanor’s new Melissa and Doug wooden stacking blocks was…literally…as I stepped down from the couch (where I’d been hanging Chinese New Years decorations), fell, and breaking my … Continue reading

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