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Where I’ve been

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  It’s been all I could manage to keep Expat Bostonians up and running.  I also can only write so many posts about vomiting, and that’s pretty much been my life since … Continue reading

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E’s first day flying solo in class

She demanded that *I* and not her teachers put her socks on. Then she joined her classmates playing on the mat.  I approached her to remind her that I was going, and that I’d be back, and was waved off … Continue reading

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Dear Elanor…31.5 months…first day of Nursery 1

Dear Elanor Let’s not fool ourselves…I’ve started to suck at the notion of a monthly letter.  But today was a big day for you, and I wanted to write you a letter to share it. Today you started Nursery 1, … Continue reading

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Redshirting and why the whole thing makes me see red

I recently read yet ANOTHER article talking about red shirting…for those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the term, it means holding back your child an extra year before starting school so that they are among the oldest, rather than … Continue reading

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I’m glad I don’t have a kid in a Mass public school this year

With 5+ snow days already racked up on February 4th, districts in Mass are freaking out about what to do with the end of the school year.  Most districts budget in 5 snow days, and legally can’t go past June … Continue reading

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2010 Parenting Resolutions…how’d I do?

1-To remember to take joy in my daughter every day.  Sometimes I get so caught up in her medical stuff or how exasperating she can be with her toddler tantrums or waste energy on being stressed because I cleaned and … Continue reading

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About a year ago we enrolled Elanor in classes with The Little Gym in Woburn, Massachusetts as the advice of her physical therapist.  It was going to be great because she’d have to use both sides of her body equally! … Continue reading

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