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Clingy Girl

Elanor has recently begun to experience separation anxiety.  To the tune of pitching a fit outside the bathroom because I dared to pee alone. This is not thrilling. Thoughts? Advertisements

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You know what’s frustrating? Sitting on the couch, watching your two year old reach up to mess with the DVD player and only being able to yell “NO” at her rather than distract her or pick her up and physically … Continue reading

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2010 Parenting Resolutions…how’d I do?

1-To remember to take joy in my daughter every day.  Sometimes I get so caught up in her medical stuff or how exasperating she can be with her toddler tantrums or waste energy on being stressed because I cleaned and … Continue reading

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To the parent of a child who has suffered medical trauma, the word “normal” holds dreams you fear will never come true. I remember being told that Elanor had had a stroke, and that they knew it was in the … Continue reading

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I’ve done two posts further discussing the D&C and current state of my womb/diabetes over at Expat Bostonians.  Feel free to go read here and here for more info.  I’m kind of worn out talking about it, to be honest. … Continue reading

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Elanor’s First Haircut

Pictures of me as a baby show a bald little girl.  No hair, at all. So when E was born with a light dusting of hair, in my eyes it was like there was a giant bush growing there.  In … Continue reading

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About a year ago we enrolled Elanor in classes with The Little Gym in Woburn, Massachusetts as the advice of her physical therapist.  It was going to be great because she’d have to use both sides of her body equally! … Continue reading

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