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Where I’ve been

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  It’s been all I could manage to keep Expat Bostonians up and running.  I also can only write so many posts about vomiting, and that’s pretty much been my life since … Continue reading

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Sex after baby…

Today I gave a talk about regaining sexuality post-baby at the first women’s sexuality conference ever held in Singapore. I felt really lucky to be part of it, and to share what I’ve learned. The truth is that many, far … Continue reading

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I’m not handling things well

Last week I had the positive pee test and the confirmation hCg level done.  The doc tried to find the sac on ultrasound, but it was too soon (and she said she “thought” she saw “something”). Yesterday I met with … Continue reading

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Different vs Not Enough

I’ve had to make a lot of adjustments in the past week.  My limited mobility has forced me to accept that I’m just going to have deal with things being “different” for the next bit of time. Different is not … Continue reading

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2010 Parenting Resolutions…how’d I do?

1-To remember to take joy in my daughter every day.  Sometimes I get so caught up in her medical stuff or how exasperating she can be with her toddler tantrums or waste energy on being stressed because I cleaned and … Continue reading

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First Period after Mirena Removal

Just about three years ago, I elected to have a Mirena IUD inserted.  I had given birth to my daughter, Elanor, 10 weeks earlier, and was 1000% sure I didn’t want another any time soon (in part because Elanor was … Continue reading

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There’s a good quote from an Anne Bishop book that goes something like “some people need to learn a hard lesson, other people ARE the hard lesson.” Yesterday I had an encounter where a person in an SUV kindly stopped … Continue reading

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