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There will be no new posts…

Dear Readers Thank you for all of the support I’ve received over the years.  However, my blogging career has taken me in a different direction, and I will not be updating this blog going forward.  I’ve also closed comments on … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday-she asked to be swaddled

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Dear Rhiannon 1 month old

Dear Rhi I can’t believe you’re a month (and 5 days) old already! This month has been interesting. After the first 24 hours, you have been breastfed exclusively, which is an achievement I am beyond proud of (well, except for … Continue reading

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The making of a lactivist

I don’t generally care for the lactivist community.  LLL generally leaves me cold.  I’ve been given the stink eye for giving Elanor expressed breast milk.  I’ve been told I’m a horrid mom for not attempting to bf E post hospitalization … Continue reading

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Balancing two when one is sick

I was baptized by fire about 36 hours ago. Ellie had a runny nose all day…no big deal. We put her to bed at the normal time.  She’s been coming into our bed somewhere between 3 and 6 am, so … Continue reading

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Dear Rhiannon, Day 18

Dear Rhiannon I have to confess, I’ve been nervous about this breastfeeding thing.  I like knowing how much you’re eating, which is obviously not doable with breastfeeding, as my breasts do not have a visible gauge on them, telling me … Continue reading

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Rhiannon Arcardia

I don’t want to double post, so I’ll link from Expat Bostonians Last Thursday I went into my appointment and found out I was having a baby…that afternoon. That night, we welcomed Rhiannon Arcadia into the world. I shared her … Continue reading

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