About me

I’m C and I’m 29 years old. I’m married to a wonderful and supportive man, who I won’t name in this blog. I lost my first child, who we named Hope, in September of 2007. I started this blog as I was losing Hope, and chronicled the experience of my miscarriage, our (thankfully short) period of trying to conceive, and am now writing about the experience of being pregnant again after a miscarriage.  I’m due in November of 2008.


2 Responses to About me

  1. Meeco says:

    i really enjoyed reading the blog.
    congrats on your pregnancy.

  2. joellemorgan says:

    Hi There C,

    My name is Joelle, I am also 30 and my daughter was born a day after yours – Nov 5 2008. I have enjoyed reading your blog! Similarly to you also, my girl had blood sugar issues in hospital and had to be supplemented with formula. Following that at the age of 2 weeks old she starting screaming whilst feeding, which progressively got worse and worse to the point of her losing so much weight and being so dehydrated we ended up in the ER with her being classed as a failure to thrive. A nasogastric tube was inserted through her nose into her stomach and we had to feed her through that for the next month. She and I lived in the hospital ward for a few weeks.

    She has now been diagnosed with severe milk protein intolerance, GERD and Esophagistis. During this time I pumped exclusively, as we had to put it all down the tube and now we have to thicken her feeds to keep them down. I went on a dairy free diet too (absolute hell as I am also a vegetarian!!) and just couldn’t keep it up and heartbreakingly had to give up the breast feeding as we have had to put her on Neocate formula.

    I have spent 6 weeks rehabilitating her to oral feeds and now no longer have to tube feed her which is great! Its still a hard slog with her still refusing to feed at times and screaming through feeds and simply just not eating enough…. What a mental and emotional time this is! I didn’t know I signed up for this!!

    I hope you don’t mind my having a chat to you- as its kinda nice to know we’re not alone.

    I’m hoping you continue to seeing wonderful results with your beautiful bubba’s intolerance and I look forward to hearing how it goes…


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