Dear Rhiannon 1 month old

Dear Rhi

I can’t believe you’re a month (and 5 days) old already!

This month has been interesting.

After the first 24 hours, you have been breastfed exclusively, which is an achievement I am beyond proud of (well, except for the 2 days you were fed via iv-see below).    At first I was worried because although you never lost more than the allowed 10% of your body weight, it took you almost 3 weeks to get back to your birthweight (and the standard is 2).  For a while I was breastfeeding, and then pumping and giving you whatever I’d pumped via syringe to help you gain weight, which was a little frustrating, but understandable, given that you were undercooked and needed some extra supports from us.

Your dad was home for almost 2 weeks.  He loved being able to be around you, spending time with all of us, and some special daddy/daughter time with your older sister while you and I nursed and slept.

Unfortunately, the day that your dad went back to work, your older sister got sick with a stomach flu that you came down with 2 days later.  Unlike E, you were admitted to the hospital.  Like E, you tried to eat your IV, but were deterred from doing so once we put a sock over it.  Very unfortunately, I came down with the same bug 24 hours after you did and also had to be hospitalized…luckily you’re so small you were just in a newborn bed, so they could fit an adult bed into your room and we were only apart for the 5-6 hours I was in the emergency room.

You were still in the hospital on your actual one month birthday–but got released the next morning.

I am proud to tell you that as of yesterday you were 2.98 Kg (or 6lbs 9oz), 50 cm tall (19.7 inches) and your head circumference was 34.5 cm (13.6 inches).

In terms of “developmental milestones”–we are starting to see flickers of a smile, and you are staying awake for longer periods of time.  Your eyes are gorgeous, and I love staring into them.

Your daddy and I finally figured out your nickname…pufferfish.  You constantly are pulling your mouth into a teeny “o” and you have super chubby cheeks (I can’t stop kissing them!).

Your sister adores you.  She’s always asking where you are, and she wants you to give her high fives and listen to bedtime stories with her.  She loves to give you kisses and “help” with you.  She was really upset when you were in the hospital, and wouldn’t let Daddy read her the “Big sister” book because you weren’t there.

Yesterday you and I went to the Titanic artifact exhibit at the Art Science Museum.  It was our first major solo outing, and I loved hanging out with you, even if you got fussy right at the start and wouldn’t let me put you down…I really wish I had tossed the sling into the stroller.

What we know about you so far.

You LOVE to be held.  The easiest way to wake you up or make you upset is to put you down.  So for the most part we co-sleep with you in my arms.  Sometimes I’m able to put you in the crib (which we’ve set up like a co-sleeper next to my side of the bed), or the pack n play in the living room (or the swing).

Thus far you’re not a fan of tummy time, but we’re working on it.

I’m so in love with you, Rhiannon and I can’t wait to see what new things you’ll do in the next month!



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2 Responses to Dear Rhiannon 1 month old

  1. Saffy says:

    Sweets, sorry to hear that you were so sick too. Did R escape the bug?? Ick.
    That pressie’s still waiting to post…. frantic stations here… thankfully no baby just yet… but that damn bp had better start to behave x

    • Crystal says:

      No worries–you take care of you and the babe first. Email me and tell me how life is going…haven’t seen you on in ages.

      Ravi did escape the bug, the lucky bastard.

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