The making of a lactivist

I don’t generally care for the lactivist community.  LLL generally leaves me cold.  I’ve been given the stink eye for giving Elanor expressed breast milk.  I’ve been told I’m a horrid mom for not attempting to bf E post hospitalization to the point of starving her, regardless of what my evil formula paid off conspiracy participating doctors told me to do for her health.

In general, I’ve distanced myself from the community apart from campaigning to create the breastfeeding law in MA that my state senator introduced.

But that’s in the US, where breastfeeding is common, doctors are supportive, and it’s so popular that it’s practically forcefed to new moms and pregnant women.


In Singapore, it’s different.  It’s not common, people are uninformed, and I find myself constantly advocating for MORE education.


1-The nurses who, when my baby had gone 4 hours (due to their error–keeping her down in the nursery an HOUR after I’d said she could go down for a 5 second blood test) without food and I was engorged…wanted to give her formula.

2-The doctor who, when I was hospitalized with gastroenteritis told me I had to dump my milk (I didn’t).

3-The lack of legal protection (although I’ve not had any issues publicly breastfeeding…but I worry) for me when breastfeeding in public.

Here I am hesitantly becoming a lactivist.  With concern, with caution to NOT become a mom I would hate in the US.  With respect for every woman’s right to choose what the best way to feed her baby.  But a lactivist.

I feel very conflicted about this….but as long as I don’t become a woman I wouldn’t respect back home, I’m probably fine.

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  1. Saffy says:

    Wow, that really must’ve been a culture shock and a half! Yay for you and the BF though.

    Sorry to hear about E being sick – that feeling of been torn between the siblets is what I’m afraid of.

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