Balancing two when one is sick

I was baptized by fire about 36 hours ago.

Ellie had a runny nose all day…no big deal.

We put her to bed at the normal time.  She’s been coming into our bed somewhere between 3 and 6 am, so when she came in at 1am, Ravi and my own first response (before we got a look at her) was irritation.  We’re not getting a ton of time together alone and Rhiannon had just finished nursing…it was OUR time.

Then we realized she was covered in vomit.  Poor baby.

We asked B to change her bed, and I gave her a shower (it was in her hair) while Ravi kept an eye on Rhiannon and checked stuffed animals for splatter.  We did another round of books, and gave her some water.

Which she promptly threw up.

Instinctively I knew this was going to be an issue, so I decided we needed to go to the doctor.  She was burning up, she couldn’t keep anything down, and with an unvaccinated 3 week old in the house, I didn’t want to take chances.

So I packed B and Rhiannon (Rhi had to come because she neither knows how to drink from a bottle, nor do I have adequate stock on hand in the fridge/freezer) and Elanor up and we went to the hospital.  Where E kept throwing up.

We were there until 6am.  Finally we were able to come home, vomiting staunched, and we collapsed on the couch (which can covert to a reasonable bed).  E and I and Rhi spent the day there.

But the truth is that Rhi got very little direct attention.  She got breastfed, she got changed, and she did some napping with me, but I was very focused on Elanor.

This was the first time I’ve really felt torn between the girls…and I hated it.

However, as others have told me…it could be worse…they could both be sick.

Instead they seem to be taking turns…E is better today…and Rhi has a stuffy nose.  Oy.


Mama needs some sleep.

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