When Wheelie got competitive Dear Wheelie 34 weeks

Dear Wheelie

I realize that you have gotten the proverbial short end of the stick lately.  It’s been all Ellie all the time, and you haven’t gotten weekly letters or even much in the way of blog posts.

I’m sorry.  I suck.  Being the second kid can suck sometimes.

But here’s the thing.  Labor?  Really?

You felt that sending me into labor was the only way to get your fair share of attention?  Because really, honey, there are other ways to make yourself known.  The kicking got my attention.  Did you not notice all the baby clothes sorting and cooing I’ve been doing?  All the new stuff just for you?  How we may have actually picked your name?

So posting has been light here.  Between the hyperesis (puking…great weight loss plan, if only I weren’t supposed to be gaining weight instead of losing it right now), and the trip back to the US, and my generally feeling crappy in the two weeks since we got back, this blog has been really neglected.

Doesn’t mean I don’t care, or am not thinking about you, honey.

At 34 weeks exactly you are growing strong and healthy.  You look to be kissing up on 6 lbs (which kind of freaks me out as your sister was only 6lbs 11 oz at 39 weeks and she hurt like hell on the way out) so I don’t know how big you’ll get before you come out.  All those teeny little newborn clothes may be a waste…but an adorable one wear out of them waste?

You have some serious acrobatic moves going on…or a solid karate kata.  Either way, I *do* notice you.

I’m finally looking pregnant, which is a nice change.  I’ve been craving papadam (spicy indian cracker made of lentils and pepper) fried, and green grapes.  And hawaiian punch.

You’ve been giving us some cause for concern.  At 33 weeks, your fluid levels were an 8, which is the bare minimum acceptable.  I also had trace amounts of protein in my urine, which put us on alert for pre-e.  Plus lots of braxton hicks contractions, for which I got progesterone.

Today (34 weeks) my fluid had gone back to 9 (improvement…not as much as I’d like, but I’ll take it) and no proteins.  Except, well….I was in real honest to god labor.  So that got us a one way ticket to labor and delivery to try and stop the labor and to give me the steroid shot.  It’s been almost 7 hours, and we’ve got another 41 to go….it’s like a really long boring plane ride, except every time I need to pee, I need to get unhooked from machines and beg the nice nurses not to make me use the bed pan.  And while on most flights I’d kill to lay down, right now I’m just bored.  Thank god for  the internet, even if I did spend too much time researching “premature, 34 weeks” today.

Seriously, kid…I’ll give you all the attention you want.  Just stay the fuck inside my uterus for 3 more weeks.

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