A mother of two daughters?

Yesterday was traumatic…I had an abortive ultrasound (read about it here).

The one moment that made the day redeemable (sort of) was when my OB made a sex prediction.  That it’s probably another girl.  I say probably because this prediction was predicated upon the lack of a scrotal sac…I am not completely convinced, yet.

Another girl.

Another daughter.

I’m torn.

I hate that I’m torn.  That part of me could actually feel disappointed at the news that my healthy baby has a vagina instead of a penis.

And yet…in the store today, I was drawn to the girl clothes and felt such happy nostalgia.  I look at my daughter, how awesome she is, and smile at the idea of two little girls running around.

Of course, then I think about what my house is going to be like when they’re 13 and 16….and I want to go hide in a closet.

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