I managed to get through E’s pregnancy without a single UTI.

I seem to not be as lucky this time around.

We arrived home in the US last Friday. The less said about traveling 30 hours trans-Pacifically with a 2.5 year old, the better (which is unfair as she’s an amazingly good traveler, but I was subjected to the same 2 episodes of Ni Hao Kai-Lan over and over and over and over on the Tokyo-Chicago leg, which is a 12 hour flight…do you KNOW how many times you can see a 23 minute show in 12 hours–minus a few hours of napping?????).

I did some shopping on Saturday, including finding a new Snugride for #2 (they’ve upped the weight limit and improved the car seat since I last bought one…so even if mine is TECHNICALLY okay to use, I’d rather have a new one) that Ravi and I actually AGREED on. I don’t know why, but with Elanor, we had epic fights over the car seat fabric. So I bought it.

Everything was fine (if jetlagged) until Tuesday. When I started feeling like I was getting a hot flash. Moments later I was shaking and my teeth were chattering. I thought it was just nausea and went to bed. It kept up on Wednesday, and I finally thought to take my temp, which was 101.5 (super high for me…I almost never run a fever when sick, and my normal body temp runs low). I called my OB’s office and the doc on call for the evening said take a Tylenol and if it lowers my temp to call in the AM. Which it did and I did.

I describe my symptoms and they told me to come in and give a urine sample. I manage to freak quest diagnostic out with my international world-wide health insurance that they’ve never heard of (hint…that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work…three area hospitals and affiliated practices manage to successfully bill to them!) and they finally take my sample. (Second hint–don’t make the pregnant lady with a suspected UTI stand there in agony as she shifts uncomfortably because she desperately needs to pee!!)

I call on Friday for test results. They’re not in. I call after lunch. They’re not in. I call at 4…they’re only sort of in, but they have enough info that they’re willing to give me antibiotics instead of sending me to labor and delivery triage (which would have ruined our weekend plans as well as sucking royally). I need to call back on Monday and make sure that I’m on the right antibiotic (it’s the broadest, most common one…and safe for pregnant women, of course) but if I don’t feel better or start feeling worse, I win a trip to l&d triage!

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

It’s like this kid is deliberately TRYING to find new ways to mess with me. This doesn’t bode well for after they’re on the outside.

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