Dear Wheelie, 10 weeks

Dear Wheelie

Today Mama went to the doctor and got to get another sneak peek at you!  You measured 10w1d and had a healthy heartbeat of 166bpm.  I love the “whooshawhoosha” sound that makes up your heartbeat!

Last night I threw up again.  However, as it’s only the second time in the entire pregnancy thus far…it still marks you as the “good child” as your Daddy and I like to joke.  I threw up the entire pregnancy with your sister, and my teeth (and throat) are very grateful that you do not seem to have the same inclinations.

With the advent of 10 weeks, the risk of miscarriage is down into the single digit percents.  I am breathing a BIG sigh of relief over that.  I’ve had a miscarriage before, and the first trimester of your sister’s and your pregnancy were both filled with fear that I would lose another beloved and very wanted child.  Now you just need to grow, grow, grow.

Tomorrow the family is getting on a big airplane.  You’re going to have a special appointment in Boston, just for you (and well, me).  We’re going to talk to Mama’s former perinatologist about my pregnancy with you, do your nuchal fold test, and talk about how Mama can make sure that her uterus is a nice comfy home for you for at least 27 more weeks (or as long as possible).  I may have to do more resting than I would like, but as I well know, there will be no rest for me once you’re on the outside and hungry for Mama milk every few hours.

I can’t wait to meet you, to find out if you are a girl or a boy (I’m already looking at names for both!), and to introduce you to your big sister, Elanor.  Your Daddy is looking forward to feeling you kick (as am I) and cuddling with you.

You are already so very loved.

Your Mama

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