Dear Elanor…just about 2 and a half

Dear Elanor

How on EARTH are you almost two and a half?  How is that even possible?

Let’s get statistics out of the way first

  • You are approximately 33 inches tall (you just moved into 2T clothes, but they’re all huge at the waist and the tops are a bit big, too)
  • You weigh 22 pounds (which, for the record, is approximately what you were supposed to weigh on your first birthday according to that whole “a baby’s weight triples in the first year”).
  • Your hair, when wet is about halfway down your back, but when dry (and curly!) is just a bit past your shoulders
  • You are somewhere between a size 5 and 6 (but I suspect closer to a 6) size shoe

Those stats may paint a physical picture of you, my little turtle, but they don’t show who you are.  You are the kind of child the word “exuberant” was invented for.  You sing your way through the day.  You run.  You jump.  You bounce.

You started school a little over a month ago and you are doing so well.  In that month you’ve learned all the common phonemes for the letters of the alphabet.  You have your alphabet down cold as well (you used to have trouble with the last sequence), which is a development within the last week.  You’re learning to sound out consonant-vowel-consonant words and I think you’ll be reading simple books by your third birthday–we’re going to get you basic phonic readers when we head home to Boston this weekend.

The other thing you’ve started doing recently that blows my mind is that you’re remembering things from a month or two ago.  You’ve mentioned my breaking my leg to me several times and you remember that I was laying on the floor and crying.  You tell me about the time you fell off a chair and got an egg on (you say “egg in”) your forehead (“I fell off the chair and have an egg in my head.”).  I’m not sure why I’m so surprised by it, as your cousin Anisa also did this at about your current age (she’d remember being our flower girl), but it seems so cool that you’re remembering and making connections.

You’ve peed in the potty a few times, and you think you pooped in the potty once (but you’d actually pooped in your diaper and then pulled it down to sit on the potty).  We’re going back to Boston for a visit in a few days, so I’m going to delay another serious try until after we’re home from that trip…in about a month.  I did get a potty for your grandparent’s house in Boston, so it’s not that we’re not going to have the option, but it’s probably easiest for me to delay us a month.

Your are unintentionally hysterically funny.  Current answers to questions like “do you want to go to bed?” are usually met with “not today” and “not now,” delivered in a dead pan.  Your dad and I find these answers hysterically funny.  You recently had a scrape on your foot that got a little infected, requiring daily bandaging and antibiotic cream…and you now walk up to me and demand for me to “make my foot feel better.”  You also exclaim “I’m SO EXCITED!!!” which your dad and I find hysterically funny.

Other recent amusing todder/pre-schoolerisms from you include…(I’m pulling from my and your dad’s facebook pages)

  • Woke up to go put hardboiled eggs away. One is missing. We assume E took it–we’ll have a REAL egg hunt in the morning. For now-back 2 bed.  Missing real egg was found with fake plastic food. Toddlers can be adorable.
  • I’m not a princess, I’m a pony
  • I gave an Easter bunny mr potato head to E. She hasn’t gotten the concept yet and keeps telling me it’s broken.
  • Elanor can identify Josh, Toby and the president on #WestWing… #Soproud
  • Watching the original version of “Annie” with E. They’re singing “maybe.”. E looks at me and says “maybe can have candy?”.
  • My Elanor quote of the day—“It’s about dragons, Daddy,”…trying to get her Dad to read a Kai-Lan book after he said that he’d read anything but a Kai-Lan book. Nice try, kid, but we’ve all read Kai-Lan and the Dragonboat festival about a gazillion times.
  • I just taught my 2 year old to say “Yankees Suck!”. *wipes away tears of pride.* #SoxNation #RedSox #Baseball
  • Elanor—“You can watch West Wing, Mommy.” Ravi–“What if Mommy doesn’t want to watch West Wing?” Elanor—Dead Silence Ravi–“I guess she can’t process that idea.”
  • Elanor: I want unicorn ice cream.
  • I tried to get Elanor to stop pulling our dragon puppet’s tongue by suggesting someone might pull hers. She decided this was a great idea. Oops.
  • Me: Elanor, do you want to watch Kai-Lan or play with Daddy?
    Elanor: I want to watch Kai-Lan with Daddy.
    At least she’s diplomatic, I suppose.
  • Elanor quote of the day: “It’s Daddy and Daddy’s bag.”
  • Today in Elanor-speak: her elbow is “my rainbow” and her armpit is “my triangle”
  • Me: Elanor, don’t put Mickey in your mouth.
    Elanor (moving Mickey): In my nose?
  • Elanor (after we get out some juice for her): I think I don’t cry.

There are few days when you don’t have your dad and I in stitches over something you’ve said.

You have several current obsessions

  • dragons (specifically puff the magic dragon)
  • ducks (we took you to see “The Ugly Duckling” and you’ve been all ducks all the time since)
  • “My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes”
  • “It’s time to sleep my love”

You also learned that you’re going to be a big sister!  You will proudly tell me that you’re going to be a big sister, but you have no idea what that means.  We’ll see how excited you really are once the baby arrives in November.

Every day you make me smile and I love you just a little more than I ever thought possible.



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