craptacular night

After coming home to find one of my kittens in heat, my night went from crappy to seriously worse.

I ate dinner and took what I thought was an appropriate amount of insulin.

90 minutes later I was suffering hypoglycemia (extremely low blood sugar) and the dizziness and shakes that come with it.  I tried my usual solutions–a sugary drink and a candy bar–only to find myself too nauseous to eat or drink.

At which point I had to go to the hospital.

I then had to fight with the doctor about the treatment course.  I needed glucose and zofran via iv…NOT to be admitted, which was their solution.

Ravi texted me to say he was on his way home from work…and I had to tell him to get a cab to the hospital. He got to not have dinner and suffer through my treatment and help me argue with them about going home.

Finally we were released around midnight and found the two 24 hour Mcdonalds we knew both closed.

Full of fail we went home.  Ate some food.  Finally went to sleep.

Suck and FAIL.

Pregnancy sucks.

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