Good news

Little Wheelie has a healthy heartbeat that we got to see/hear today!

I’m also measuring 6w4d (I think they lie and that I’m 6w6d at least, but I can’t be bothered to care that much…I’m curious to see if future u/s dating supports that or not, particularly when I’m in the US where my OB in Boston has a better u/s machine) which pushes my due date back to Nov 19th.  Which at least lowers the risk of having #2 on E’s birthday.

I finally feel like I’ve given myself permission to believe I’m going to have a baby again.


AND, for all that I’m blowing through insulin at truly scary rates, my a1c (measure of your blood sugar over 3 months) is better now that it was last time, effectively helping to further lower my risk of stuff going wrong.

I’m staying on the progesterone through the 12th week, though, just to be sure.  Not having early bleeding this time (unlike both previous times) is good by me, and it can’t hurt.

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