Hello nausea, my old friend… (Week 4? 5?)

I walked past a store full of shoes and bags and leathery goodness yesterday.  Normally I would stop and savor that leathery smell.  Yesterday I picked up the pace because oh my god, that was the worst smelling thing I’d ever walked by.  Until we passed a food stall.  Or the perfume section of Takashimaya on the way to the toys section (okay, it was really so I could moon over baby clothes, but E got a My Little Pony out of it, too). And.  And. And.

I think the nausea might be worse than the constant puking.  At least with the puking I felt better once the puking was over.  Now it’s just a constant feeling of “I might throw up, I feel so icky.”  I’m actually beginning to hope that the puking starts soon.

Of course, being fully neurotic, I also find the nausea highly reassuring.  Nausea and puking in the first trimester are full on GOOD THINGS that mean everything is progressing nicely.  Which is a nice counterpoint to the early stage cramping that is also normal, but incredibly alarming (and way worse the second time around).

All you women who said it would be easier?  Better?  You lie.  I hate you all a little bit.  Go stand in the corner with the women who rhapsodize about how awesome it feels to be pregnant.

I am, of course, over the moon happy.  I can’t wait to meet the little one…who does not yet have a belly name.

Ravi and I were discussing what the belly name should be (no, we’re not even touching real names until we know the sex…yes, I’m thinking about real names anyway…a little).  We didn’t like “bean.”  I don’t like how “siblet” defines them only in relation to Ella (her name today according to her).  He pondered “hong kong” and “conrad” after the places s/he was conceived.  I countered with “taylor” as it’s a genderless name and also part of the HK trip…which was met with hostility.  So yeah…we can’t even figure out a belly name…this is going to go super well.

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2 Responses to Hello nausea, my old friend… (Week 4? 5?)

  1. Rachel M. says:

    easier? Let’s punch them together. Nothing is easier with a 2 year old ruling your life – especially a 2nd pregnancy!!!

    • Crystal says:

      Punching them together sounds like a great idea.

      You’ll have to divulge all your tips and tricks for dealing with a 2 year old when you want to pass out/throw up instead.

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