I take yet another pregnancy test and will get yet another “not pregnant” result.

I really hope that Clearblue is enjoying all the money I’ve funneled into their company this month.

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3 Responses to Tomorrow…

  1. ange says:

    Any way to get a dr to do a beta? I don’t know how healthcare works over there, but here id be going to my dr for a beta and taking provera to bring on a period if it was negative.

    Fingers crossed for you, hon.

    • Crystal says:

      I’m getting one on Wed if I haven’t gotten my period by then. I thought I saw a faint second line, Ravi says he didn’t…this is why I need the idiot proof digital tests…and will take one tomorrow. Which will give Clearblue even more money.

      I’m now 12 days late.

  2. Rachel M. says:

    I know, I refuse to use any but the ones that say pregnant or not pregnant. Best of luck to you.

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