She’s too big for a stroller

It seems impossible that Elanor is too big for her stroller.  Not by weight, but ability and independence.  But she is.

I still carry the stroller.  If I need a safe place for her (or a punishment) it’s handy.  If she were to fall and hurt herself, I wouldn’t be able to carry her…likewise the far less likely scenario where she falls asleep.  My back won’t allow for it.

To be honest, most often these days I just put stuff I’ve bought, my purse and/or the diaper bag in it.  Not the kid.

But maybe it’s time to invest is a less heavy duty stroller than my Bee…maybe a nice MacLaren umbrella that would be easier to take onto the bus?

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One Response to She’s too big for a stroller

  1. We love our Maclaren and have been using it for over a year now. We use the giant SUV stroller in the neighborhood, but the Maclaren is the go-to. Right now, in fact, it has a car seat bungeed to it for tomorrow’s airport adventure. Although The Who will sit there if I put him in there (he’s an easygoing guy), I plan to just use it as a glorified luggage cart tomorrow.

    Anyway, yes. Maclaren. It’s been good to us.

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