Leaving on a Jet Plane…the mommy guilt

Feel free to read over at Expat Bostonians how excited I am to be heading out for a 5 day 4 night break from my kid.

Stay here to hear me whine that I feel guilty, even though I know it’s okay.

Wow…anyone stayed?  Impressive…y’all are gluttons for punishment.

The trip will be almost as long as all the nights we’ve been away before in her life put together.

I keep thinking maybe we should have brought her and taken her to Disney, even though she’s really too young for all that yet.

I feel guilty for how happy I am at the idea of having sex in a hotel room without a child sleeping in the pack and play 5 feet away.  Or renting porn.  Or sleeping in and having more sex after sex at night.

Okay…maybe I’m not feeling THAT guilty…but you can bet your ass that my suitcase will be full of guilt gifts when I get back for not feeling more guilty.

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