Why it’s going to take longer to conceive #2

When we were trying for Hope, and then for Elanor, Ravi and I had the luxury of having as much sex as we wanted.  Hanging off the chandeliers could be followed by long leisurely sleeps the next day.  Middle of the day sex?  No problem.  You get the idea.

But as we try for number 2, even when I’m aware that I’m ovulating (my sex drive is strongly tied to my hormone fluctuations, and I’m anal enough to use a period/ovulation app on my iPhone), sex just doesn’t necessarily happen, and especially not with the frequency that it did before we had Elanor and Ravi had a 12+ hour a day job.

So it will take some time to get pregnant again.

To be fair, I’m ambivalent about getting pregnant this month.  Ironically my ovulation this February is a few weeks ahead of when it was the Feb I got pregnant with E.  Which, if we were successful means the baby would be born somewhere around Ravi’s, my, and Elanor’s birthdays (Oct 12, 24 and Nov 3, respectively).  That’s a crazy time of year for us to begin with, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing to not get knocked up this month.

My next ovulation would have a baby born somewhere between Christmas and just after New Years.

Either month would mean having to think long and hard about what to do with Elanor’s scheduled visits in November.  Either we’d fly with a month old baby (doable, but certainly not my first choice in flu season), or we’d have to move them up or postpone them by several months as I’m not really supposed to fly after 32ish weeks of pregnancy.  Postponing means coming home to visit in Jan/Feb…when snow will be up to our asses.  Moving it up means either only one trip back home this year or two trips, but close together (something like July and September…which seems kind of crazy to me).

The ovulation after that (in late April) starts moving things in a direction where E’s appointments stay on schedule and Siblet isn’t born amidst the crush of family events and birthdays in the September to New Years window.

I’m not interested in delaying attempts to get pregnant at this point.  But I’m far more at peace than I was last month at the idea of it taking a longer time.  I’m relieved that even if it were to happen this month (highly unlikely–only having sex twice within the fertile window and my blood sugars running high make it far more likely that I won’t conceive) I won’t be dealing with a pregnancy on a broken ankle.


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