Take a toddler, add a kitten (or two)

Elanor loves the kitten.  LOVES them.  This doesn’t mean she’s trustworthy or actually all that good with them, though.

In a week she progressed from being scared when they approached her (but was fine with approaching them) to wanting to pick them up…by whatever body-part was closest.

Kero has quickly learned that the small human is a great source of food, but quick and evasive action should be taken if her hands get too close.

Gandalf thinks humans exist to be softer bedding and constant petting.  He takes no evasive actions and is taking the brunt of the toddlers enthusiasm.

Today our new copy of “Tails are not for pulling” is arriving in the mail.  I’ve mentioned the book in the past as my second “read-aloud” book to highlight.  We’re hoping the consistent reading of it will help in our mission to explain what is and isn’t a good touch for a kitten.

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  1. Saffy says:

    Kids & kittens prompted me to remember to send you one of Minxy’s favourite books. Hope E likes it 🙂

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