computer down

E knocked my laptop off the table (it was hooked to the tv for the Superbowl and just stayed there for the rest of the day) when R had his back turned and B left the room without telling him. (I was showering)  The laptop now has green squiggly lines all over the screen and will need repairs.

Coming on the heels of E picking Gandalf by the tail and swinging him before B could get to her (I was taking a short post-Superbowl party nap), it hasn’t been my finest day of parenting ever, nor is it a day where I feel particularly enthusiastic about the idea of another child.

Accidents happen and children need to learn through patience and repetition (and time outs) that some behaviors are just not okay…but today was a 100% failure in parenting.

I’m going to try to get my laptop fixed, but will likely not blog for a few.  I’ll try to steal R’s computer to retain some version of sanity, but I’m not sure how this will play out or how long the repair will take.

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