Clingy Girl

Elanor has recently begun to experience separation anxiety.  To the tune of pitching a fit outside the bathroom because I dared to pee alone.

This is not thrilling.


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3 Responses to Clingy Girl

  1. Rachel M says:

    Yeah mine hates closed doors, I think it’s more of a 2 year old control issue, they want total access at all times.

  2. Saffy says:

    OK so what you’re possibly suggesting is that Minxy’s gentle clawing of the bathroom door could intensify? Shucks. I guess the clue is the SCREAM in the restaurant last weekend when I dared go off to the bathroom by myself – the next time? Left B at the table while I took Minx off to the bathroom with me… and stood her in the corner of the disabled toilet cubicle. All class. At least it was quiet.

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