I’ve done two posts further discussing the D&C and current state of my womb/diabetes over at Expat Bostonians.  Feel free to go read here and here for more info.  I’m kind of worn out talking about it, to be honest.

Here’s a picture of my kid wearing a santa hat barette

We encountered a dude dressed up as Santa today (and seriously, even the Santas are skinny here) and E hid behind my leg.  I picked her up and she was then willing to give him a high five.  He wasn’t at a mall, rather he was a free-ranging Santa, giving out promotional  packages of tissues (it’s a weird thing I need to blog about some time over at EB) for a cafe.

I’ve noticed this as a larger trend.  Elanor is comfortable around all women.  She’ll walk up to a strange woman and give them a hug if they ask her for one.  But men, almost universally (with the exception of her dad, and it was even a little touch and go there for a while) have her taking a step back.  Even her Dada (grandfather), who was her preferred grandparent for the longest time is now suspect.  I know that some shyness is normal at this age, as they begin to differentiate between men and women and family and strangers, but have any of the rest of you experienced a sex-specific aversion?  And no, for the record, there is no reason to suspect abuse or anything terrible to cause it.  It also does not extend to boys her age, only to adult men.

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  1. Rachel M says:

    Not yet, but E does seem to hit stages before Charlotte so I’ll let you know.

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