Wordless Wednesday–Best Ellie Pictures from the trip home (big post)

My dear friend Aimee offered to do a shared b-day party our first weekend back.  Her son CJ is 2 days younger than Elanor, and we had it at the Discovery Museum in Acton.

That’s my girl…why climb stairs when you can hoist yourself onto something instead

Utensils?  I don’t need no stinkin’ yoo-ten-sils

Feeding her friend, CJ

Ellie with my mom…and before I’m told for the millionth time, YES, I do look just like her.

With my dear friend, Kate (Maine)

Elanor loving on her new baby cousin, River (somewhere in Maine)

sound asleep

Running with CJ in a gymnasium after Aimee’s toddler art classes (if you live in MA and want toddler art classes–she’s your girl!!)

In Bushnell Park, Hartford CT (photo by Marvin)

Trying to help her cousin Reyna up (Reyna’s not walking yet, but it was a nice idea, E)–NYC

Admiring herself in the mirror at Best Wingers on 2nd Ave, NYC

With my aunt in Boston


E in the construction zone at the Children’s Museum in Boston

Proper taco eating technique…the rest of you have been doing it wrong for years, didn’tyaknow?

Yes, her hat AND boots both have bunnies, complete with floppy ears on them…bow to the cuteness…BOW

E walks the freedom trail in Boston

My silly girl at a play structure in Wayland, MA

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