Elanor’s First Haircut

Pictures of me as a baby show a bald little girl.  No hair, at all. So when E was born with a light dusting of hair, in my eyes it was like there was a giant bush growing there.  In truth, she was a year before her hair was thick enough that you didn’t see parts of her scalp peeking through, and it didn’t even occur to me to cut it until recently.  Having her curls twisting every which way certainly helped delay the inevitable, as I didn’t have uneven ends to clean up.

But recently, she started having a mullet.  Short in the front, ridiculously long in the back, especially one bit.  Around 22 months, it began to make me crazy.  But by then, we’d bought out tickets home, and I had booked my own hair appointment with Peggy, who has cut my hair since Ravi and I became engaged.  I met her because she’s been cutting my Mother-in-Law’s hair for 20+ years.  So I made another call, and just booked E for a quick cut prior to mine.

I’ve always had a deep distrust of “children’s salons”–sure, they have cute stations and some distracting cartoon blaring in the background.  But I’ve never heard of one winning best salon, much less many many years in a row, like Peggy’s salon “Margo’s” has.  Here in Singapore, the kid’s salons also only have like 10 cuts they’ll do, and none of them feature a child with curls…all boxy variations on the toddler bowl cut for girls.

Bear in mind I’m also “that mom” who has used salon quality product on her daughter’s hair rather than J&J or any other “baby/toddler” shampoo.  What can I say, my kid has dry hair and a good moisturizing conditioner does wonders for it.

So off to Margo’s we went.

Step 1: Distraction

That would be a cookie in one hand, and a lollipop in the other

Step 2: Speed

Peggy is careful but expeditious in her trim

Step 3: reward

That E getting her “my first haircut” certificate (complete with little curls…sob)

Thanks to Peggy and the awesome staff at Margo’s…I love you guys so much, and I’m so glad you’ve begun work on the third generation of N—- women!

If you live in the greater Boston/495 area, Margo’s is in Acton and you should go there.  All the girls are great.  They even did my wedding hair!

And you can’t argue with these (slightly windblown) results!

photo credit on this pic–Marvin

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