Singapore OB appointment

Last week I met with an OB who delivered a friend’s baby here in Singapore.  He’s a preferred OB among the expat community because he basically will do whatever you want (lots of ultrasounds/almost no ultrasounds, etc).  He delivers at a private hospital, which, when I toured it seems cleaner than most of the hospitals I’ve seen here…and has the bonus of being specifically a hospital that caters to pregnant/birthing moms.

I felt comfortable with him, and he was (as I said) fine with going by the care outlined by my OB in the US.  He’s experienced with diabetic pregnancies (although, and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, it makes me very nervous to be treated by someone who is “only” an OB and not a perinatologist–my last OB was a peri who is involved in research and teaches about diabetic pregnancies as well as giving care for them) and has an endocrinologist he works with.

He has had “some” plus sized pregnancies, but doesn’t seem like he’ll give me shit over my weight.  (Unlike my first OB who told me I lost Hope because I was fat and would never have a term pregnancy until I lost like 50 lbs…which made me want to shove Elanor in her face…I weighed 5 pounds MORE when I got pregnant with her).  That I showed up with books about plus-sized pregnancy and politely offered them to him showed him, if nothing else, that I’m informed and not easily intimidated with regards to my weight.  In Singapore, where my 1-2X body is suddenly a 6x body, and weight discrimination is alive and well, that was a source of fear.  Like I said, it’s not exactly uncommon in the US, where obesity is far more common.  I did get a high blood pressure reading, but I can’t tell for sure if it was that I was super stressed or because the cuff was too small, causing an artificially high reading (very possible), even though I asked them to use a larger cuff (and it looked as though they did).  I may ask for a blood pressure monitor from the US just to feel better about it when my in-laws come in a month or two.

I toured the hospital, and it was the cleanest one I’ve seen in Singapore (I’ve seen 3) and the only doctor’s office that didn’t have a deli counter # system above the doctor’s doors (I really hate that).  The rooms are nice, up to the 2 bedroom hotel-esque suite (that goes for almost 2k a night Sing–I won’t be getting that) and the singles are fine (and I do remember the post-birth haze that says as long as there’s a bed and privacy and the ability to have my baby with me…I don’t much care after that).  I spent some time talking to a NICU nurse, and learned the procedures for diabetic babies, when they have to do an IV, and in what cases they would move a baby and to where (surgical needs and to KK Children’s Hospital, which fills me with dread–I’m very underwhelmed by them).

I went back for blood work (an A1c check…my last was a 6.2.  Not diabetic by normal standards–that’s a 6.5, but high for a pregnant woman.  He also wants to check me for hyperinsulin…which I doubt I have, but it’s good to cross it off if I don’t and if I do, we can start treating for it immediately).

Then he offered to remove the IUD.

I found myself saying okay before I expected to.  But I couldn’t think of a good reason not to, except that it’s not Boston and he’s not my old peri.  He’ll give me the treatment I want, the birth I want (up to the baby changing the plan, of course), won’t induce unless necessary (like last time with sudden high blood pressure), and it seems like the most reasonable place to give birth here.

I can’t justify separating my family for four or so months on a “might” happen with no real reason to believe that something bad will happen with #2.  So with some fear (which is inevitable…E’s birth was traumatic, losing Hope was traumatic and right or wrong, I associate pregnancy and birth with bad things and have a high level of fear), and some excitement (I’m ready)…I sit here typing without a goalie guarding the ice.

I’m sure I will wax and wane positive and negative about this until #2 is out and healthy…but for now, let’s just hope for a reason to go pee on a stick.

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  1. Rachel M says:

    Yeah for next steps! I’m so excited for you!!!! Just remember it may not happen as fast the 2nd time, it took a few months for us whereas the first was on the first try.

    • Crystal says:

      honestly–first pregnancy (Hope’s) was first try, E was 2nd…it would be nice to enjoy the trying for a change 🙂

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