Appointment tomorrow

Back in Singapore (more on that later), and tomorrow I’m meeting with a local OB recommended by a friend of mine.  I have the letter from my US OB to show him, and we’ll see what he thinks about this whole “deliver in the US” thing.


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  1. Rachel M says:

    I guess I’m a little confused as to why they think you should deliver in the states. Singapore is a really advanced country, I can’t imagine you not getting expert care and attention. I hope it works out for you. In the end, people have been having babies for thousands of years, it can’t be that hard right? That’s what I say to myself anyway. And yes I’ve read your complicated history and I still think having a baby here or there would be the same result.

    Out of curiosity, I found this link:

    It says you need permission to give birth in Singapore, I’m sure you already knew that. What a regulated country!! Is there anything they haven’t thought of?

    • Crystal says:

      Mostly because we don’t KNOW what happened to make E so sick, my OB (in the US) wants to play it super cautious. MGH is one of the top hospitals in the US (and the world) and if they were needed, everyone feels confident that if a life needed to be saved they could do it. I think she also picked up on the fact that I generally hate docs here-the lack of bedside manner, the lack of interest in your medications/contraindications/medical history, and the constant Eastern medicine blah blah (I have ZERO faith or interest in Eastern medicine).

      Having said that, much as it’s not my first choice, I have found an OB here who I feel like I can work with (he’s a fave with the expats because he’ll basically do whatever you request…u/s each visit, additional testing, no additional testing…whatevs) and a hospital with reasonable NICU facilities (reasonable for Singapore…it’s 1/10th the size of the NICU’s I’m used to seeing and it’s one giant room instead of isolated rooms). They can handle anything up to surgical needs, at which point the child would end up at KK (which I loathe…and have no faith in…that’s the hospital where a kidney doc tried to get me to agree to invasive expensive testing on E without any reason…even though we KNOW why her kidney failed…because we’re white, and by their standards, rich) and well…I don’t have a lot of faith in what would happen then. I’m just living in denial, and the happy place that says what happened with E was a 1 in a million fluke (which is the current theory) and I won’t need any of that because my next child will be born healthy.

      At the end of the day, I’m unapologetically a snob about medical care. I’ve been lucky enough to live in the epicenter of top medical care for over a decade (and within spitting distance of it my entire life). My OB in Boston is a professor at Harvard Med, and my endocrinologist is an expert in Pregnant Diabetic treatment at Joslin (arguably the top Diabetes treatment/research center in the world). I would look down on medical care in Oregon, too…but not to the extent I do here. If it wouldn’t be such a hassle…3-4 months of a furnished rental in the US–and the separation of our family for that time, getting the visa for my helper so she’d be with me and E, waiting for the birth certificate to apply for a passport for the newborn, etc I’d give birth in the US, no question. But the inconvienences and cost outweigh the benefits (we don’t have a real reason to believe anything will go wrong with #2) so I’ll have them in Singapore.

      I actually don’t need permission to give birth in Singapore because I hold a green card. It’s only if you’re a foreigner traveling here specifically to give birth that you need all that nonsense. Which, I suppose if you live in a place like Thailand…Singapore is the height of awesomeness.

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