Musical Rooms…

When we first moved into our home in Singapore, we put Elanor in the small bedroom next to ours for proximity.  Our plan had been to move her to the larger bedroom when she moved out of the crib, preserving the smaller room as a nursery/storage room.

A few weeks after we moved in, our armoire doors were constantly jamming because while they are pretty, they were not made deep enough to accommodate a lot of hangers.  So we had the handyman who was here to hang pictures take the doors off all three armoires, and we put them in the larger bedroom (which was serving as the storage room).  We sort of figured we’d just keep E where she is, and the baby will be with us at first and then we’ll likely just move when our two year lease is up.

Except that lately I feel like E’s sleep has been really disturbed by the construction noise.  It’s certainly bad enough that I have been reduced to taking sleeping pills on occasion just to ensure that I can sleep through some of the noise in the morning.  She’s waking up early (for her) at 8 instead of the 9/10/1030 she used to wake up at.  Which would be less of an issue if she went to bed earlier too, but she’s still staying awake until 10…and lately 12.  The napping has been hit or miss and I just think she might do better in a room away from the side of the apartment facing the construction.

The idea of changing the two room is daunting to say the very least.

It will be interesting to see what happens with her sleep in MA.  My in-laws live on a quiet street in what is technically a gated community.  Her room will face the backyard.  With luck, that means she’ll get the chance to sleep as much as she needs.  I’m also hopeful that she’ll nap in the car seat a lot, but really have no idea what to expect as she hasn’t spent any time in one for 6 months.

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