Elanor and Elmo together forever

Today, driven by a need to lessen the Elmo around the house, I purposefully tried to introduce Elanor to “Finding Nemo.”  She loves the fish outside of home…why not in cute cartoon form, I reasoned?

We made is through about 45 minutes, most of which she spent ignoring the movie or chanting “no fishy, ELMO! no fishy, ERNIE.”

This is, by the way, a secondary attempt after I purposefully tempted her with the disney princesses (I tried “A Little Mermaid”) and failed.  She also protested Jungle Book, even though she loves animals and the zoo.

It occurs to me that I might be the only feminist ever to try and encourage her daughter to watch a disney princess movie.

Instead it’s all Elmo for Elanor.

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One Response to Elanor and Elmo together forever

  1. Rachel M says:

    Mine doesn’t like any Disney Princess movies. When my husband tried to play Snow White she looked at the evil queen and said “Muma!”, granted I do tend to pull my hair back alot but this was not a good sign. Why can’t I be Snow White??? Anyway, we finally got her to switch allegiance from SpongeBob obsession to Toy Story, she likes Nemo and occasionally Monsters, Inc. I think my MIL got so tired of SpongeBob when she was here for 6 weeks that she kept putting on the Pixar movies and it eventually worked.

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