Elanor spends a day at the zoo like a rock star’s kid…

Yesterday I had photography, so I couldn’t watch Elanor.  Usually Ravi would, but he was pretty sick.  So I asked B if she wouldn’t mind watching Elanor on her day off for additional pay.  I was fine with B taking her wherever so she could get any errands she wanted to do done, with the exception of church (we’re atheist, and while E will certainly step foot into her fair share of churches, I prefer that it happen within the context of viewing them for historic value and for their place in the Western Cannon/Western Civilization…not for a sermon which will likely contain values we don’t share).

Mid-afternoon, B texted me if it was okay to take Ellie to the zoo.  I said sure, and asked her to come home to pick up a swim suit, cab fare and such (I didn’t want them to take public transit as from our home the zoo is a 3 bus, 1 hour + ride).  I had a feeling she was with friends and made a point of saying they were welcome to come and share the cab ride.

B and her three friends (who were enjoying their one day off per month–don’t get me started on that) arrived with E, and they were surprised when I invited everyone in while I tossed a few things into E’s bag and took E to see her dad to say hi.  They all kept telling me how surprised they were at how good her English is and kept marveling at her independence.  They all apparently wanted their turn to carry Elanor…which didn’t work out so well as Elanor has her own ideas about being carried and will fight you like a caged mongoose if you try to carry her when she wants to walk, all the while howling “NO NO DOWN DOWN WALK ELLIE WALK”

So the four women and E head off to the zoo…several amusing stories arising from their visit…

1-Elanor took it upon herself to act as tour guide.  As they walked around she would imperiously point and intone in her high baby lispy voice “Fa-Mingo,” “Raffe,” and “RAWR” (for the lion) and so forth.  I have no trouble picturing this.

2-Apparently on more than one occasion, tourists would take pictures of Elanor and then ask them whose kid she was to need FOUR NANNIES!  They would tell the truth, but who knows who the random tourists thought they were seeing.  If you see a picture of E on perez hilton or tmz, let me know so I can correct any rumors that may arise of her being Brad and Angelina’s newest edition.

3-No matter how many times the aunties tried, Elanor always said “ELLIE WALK” until she decided to climb into her stroller for a nap.  Elanor is nothing if not independent and strong willed.  I’m sure that will be fun for everyone when she hits puberty.

So E and B had a nice day.  Hooray!

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