About a year ago we enrolled Elanor in classes with The Little Gym in Woburn, Massachusetts as the advice of her physical therapist.  It was going to be great because she’d have to use both sides of her body equally!

A year ago she was hesitant about everything.  She liked some of it, but often spent most of the class doing her own thing.  As she got older, certain things just began to fascinate her.  She has only recently begun to warm to the balance beam, but her longtime favorite has been the bars.

The next 30 seconds explains why I (and E) love our weekly hour at gymnastics class…

The Little Gym is not cheap, but if you have a really active kid who enjoys climbing and such…I highly recommend them.  And they are worldwide, so moving to the other side of the world (if you’re completely nuts like us) doesn’t mean lessons have to stop!

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