Daddy’s Birthday

Today is Ravi’s 2nd birthday since the advent of Elanor.  Last year, I bought him a t-shirt from Elanor that matched her onesie, begging readers to “Come to the dark side, we have cookies—V”  Elanor had, at best, three words–mama, dada, and yum.  I didn’t really consult her on the gift.

This year, while there is no question that I was steering the boat, she made most of the decisions about the gift.  I’m pretty confident that she will manage a “Happy Birthday” before the day is out.  She will be an active participant in the eating of dinner and cake.  And she will make a card for her Daddy.

Seeing how much they change from year to year blows me away…before I know it, she’ll be helping me bake or decorate the cake (or ask to do it herself if she is so inclined).  In a few years she’ll be able to do the printing on the card herself.  But I have a feeling that she’ll always be her Daddy’s little girl.

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