I love you, Mommy

I hope it goes without saying that we’ve been telling E how much we love her since she was a teeny ball of cells.  She hears “I love you” many times a day from when she gets up until we tell her that “Mommy and Daddy love you very much” before we shut her door at bedtime.

One of the first times she tried to say “I love you” was when I was adding some finishing touches for the Father’s Day video, and got her to attempt to say “I love you, Daddy.” (go to the 7:19 mark) and while it was recognizable, it was garbled and a bit much for her at 18 months.

More recently (like the last month or two) we’ve been getting “wuv oo” or “wuv Em-MO.”

Last night, laying in bed with her after she’d been crying a bit at bedtime, I got my very first, perfectly clear, SPONTANEOUS “I love you, Mommy.”  It was followed by a rain of hugs, kisses and cuddles…the kind I desperately want, but my fiercely independent little girl is often too busy to give me.


There are moments when I doubt myself. When this parenting thing is overwhelming beyond belief.  When it seems too hard.  When I’m in over my head.  When my toddler is just pitching fit after fit after fit.  When I wonder why I’m doing this.

And then there are these small moments where all the worry, the fears, the self-doubt, and yes…regrets….fall away and the moment is perfect.  When it is all happiness.

I’m grateful, because these are the moments that will help us both survive her toddlerhood.

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