The return of the nap!

I have to imagine E is going through a growth spurt because we have a had a week straight of daily naps.  Granted, they only happen if we pop her in the stroller at the right time of day, give her a sippy of milk and keep moving…but she has slept up to two hours at a time.

On one hand, I’m thrilled because I feel like the extra sleep benefits everyone.  When she doesn’t nap, she becomes (understandably) cranky, more tantrumy, whiny, and all those other adorable toddler behaviors come out.  Not that she’s angelic when she doesn’t nap, but I definitely see far fewer of those less admirable behavior traits.

On the other hand, I’ve always been a CIO fan because I never wanted to be trapped by elaborate routines and this nap routine is far from easy.  She won’t nap in her room, period.  And night time sleep is going so well, I don’t want to force the issue and create night time issues.

Additionally I feel like I’m getting a false sense of security and the napping will end just as randomly as it began.

I, on the other hand, am sleeping like crap.  Can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, can’t get back to sleep–on any given night it’s a combo of the above unless I take a sleeping pill.  I don’t want to rely on sleeping pills, but I also know that my ability to function is severely impaired by multiple nights of no or poor sleep.  There’s no point in going to a doctor here…the sleep stuff is definitely related to going off my mood stabilizers (which is a whole other post) and the way the doctors practice medicine here doesn’t work for me as I already know I’ll just get non-Western approaches suggested to me, and unless I’m gushing blood I’m not going to one (no, I have no interest in changing my chi or acupuncture or any non-Western approach-I’ve never been a fan, and being here has only solidified me on that).  I’m just waiting it out, hoping it will get better, and when it doesn’t, I take a sleeping pill.  Which I also hate.

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  1. Rachel M says:

    I can’t change your mind about sleeping pills but I will say I’m a big fan of ambian to get back into a sleep cycle. Definitely no alcohol or chocolate before bed if you are having trouble sleeping. If you want a non-drug method than I suggest to try yoga. I have a great DVD for beginners called AM/PM Yoga for Beginners and it has 10 minute night time sessions for just putting your mind into a relation mode. It doesn’t require you to be super flexible, yoga is a patient exercise and more about learning to breath right to channel your energy. I highly suggest this, especially if you are not into ambian.

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