The World According to Elanor…

Me–Ellie, do you love Mommy?



Uh oh, Mommy.  The baby.  The hat (translation–Mommy, please put the hat back on my baby)


How to ride in a Taxi

(upon getting seeing the taxi pull up)  TAXI!!!!

(upon the door opening) Uncle! (how we greet strange men)

(Upon climbing up onto the seat) BUCKLIE BUCKLIE BUCKLIE (


Pointing at belly button–BUTT


While at McDonalds, pointing at the giant golden arches— “M!” (is it bad that she sees that letter so often that it’s easily identifiable to her?)


While trying to identify the letter “w”—-DOUBLE!


The correct order to put on socks and shoes…

After I put on my first sock–MORE SOCKIE, MOMMY, NO SHOE

After I put on my second sock-SHOE MOMMY SHOE

After I put on my first shoe–MORE SHOE MORE SHOE


I’m tired (and was more than a little drunk posting last night, and feeling a bit worse for wear today)…here, have a picture, too

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  1. Rachel M says:

    I love the belly button response!

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