Elanor at play in the Botanic Gardens

Yesterday Elanor and I had some “Mommy/Daughter” time at the Botanic Gardens in Singapore.  It’s a gorgeous spot, full of open green space, beautiful flowers, public art, the National Orchid Gardens, and a Swan Pond (and that’s not even half of it).  Elanor slept on the 2km walk (and luckily missed out on the incident where apparently I threatened American National Security; if you haven’t already, go read about it at Expat Bostonians), and for a good bit of our initial stroll through the Garden.

I had brought bread, so once I saw her stirring, we settled in by the swan’s lake.  I showed her how to feed the swans, but she wasn’t sure about this whole idea.  However, she quickly warmed to the idea and was eventually frustrated that I had “only” brought 4 pieces of bread.

She then also found a great deal of pleasure in throwing away the baggie we’d brought the bread in.  (Sidenote–anyone want to explain why she LOVES to clean up/throw things away/ be helpful in locations that are not our home…and only locations that are not our home?).  She and I also spent some time playing with one of her balls.

Her clothes, by the way?  Size 18-24 months….still the teensiest bit big, but holy growth spurt Batman!  She’s (as of today’s weight at the pedi) 19.95 lbs (seriously?  19.95…the universe is torturing me here….fuck it, I’m saying 20 lbs) and 32 inches tall.  Her height is at about the same percentile she started in and her weight is still creeping back towards the 3rd percentile.  Sigh…my shrimpy girl.

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