No I won’t change your baby’s imaginary poopy diaper again…

When my niece A was either 2 or 3, Ravi and I foolishly bought her a baby doll tub at Target.  It was a nice claw foot tub with towels, soap, and possibly even a rubber ducky.  When we went down to NYC for a holiday, we proudly presented this gift to little A.  Who thought it was AWESOME.  A’s mom, within 15 minutes, could have killed us for that same gift.

Because the “baby” was ALWAYS “dirty” and in need of a bath, regardless of us just taking the damn thing out of the tub seconds before.

Well, K…sit back and enjoy the show.  You didn’t even have to buy Elanor anything…she’s just decided that changing her baby’s imaginary “poopy” diapers is our job.  Which she requires we do multiple times an hour.  Often times multiple times in the same 10 minutes.

In terms of her expectations, the military could send drill instructors to Elanor for lessons in strictness.  We have to take the diaper off correctly.  We have to wipe the baby correctly and thoroughly.  We have to “clean” the diaper.  We have to put it on the baby again correctly.  We need to dress the baby correctly.  God help us if we get it wrong or try to clean the diaper first.

I’m starting to wonder if my baby dolls were often dragged around naked because I took their clothes off or if my mom did…after all, if the baby is naked, there’s no diaper to change….

I realize this is great (from a developmental perspective).  That we’re doing imaginative, age-appropriate play.

But can I just state for the record that if the babies were real, they would have died from dysentery weeks ago?

I’d love to write more but there’s a baby to be changed….again.

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