We are almost 2 years out from Elanor’s illness.  Her progress is good, her milestones where they should be.

But then something like last night happens.  Elanor had a fall off the seat of the couch.  I didn’t see it, as we were getting everything ready for bed and had turned to lead her to her bedroom.  I saw her standing with a baby doll and assumed that just as she always has (to the point of REFUSING to jump off things in gymnastics class) that she would scoot off on her butt or belly…safely getting herself onto the floor.  Instead I heard a crash and a shriek.

As we tried to comfort her, she began choking and vomited up a mouthful of mac n cheese (she’d had a late dinner, not long before).

No one knew the most crucial piece of information–had she hit her head?

I’ve made it fairly clear that I loathe was passes for medical care in SG, especially pediatric medicine.  But I have never cursed it as I did last night, as there is NO 24 hour nurse line for the pedi, no 24 hour on-call pedi neurologist.  I could take her to the children’s hospital, but who knows if they could/would do a CT scan at night, what they’d want to do in terms of restraint/sedation (and given that it took 3 tries to get blood from me, I’m not sure I’ve met anyone here capable of IVing my very teeny toddler).

I know the drill…there were two courses of action.  Get her to the children’s hospital and bully people until I got the CT scan at any cost necessary (by cost I means in terms of my personal dignity and willingness to scream/bully/intimidate others…not financially) or keep her up for another hour and then wake her periodically throughout the night to make sure she was rousable and not concussed.

The couch is about mid chest height, so my instinct is that the latter course would be the advice back home.

So I did what made sense…I dialed our neurologist in Boston and held until I got the on-call.  We walked through E’s case, the fact that she hadn’t vomited any more, that she was acting/speaking/moving normally, what her most recent imaging had looked like, etc.  And he suggested keeping her home, rather going to the hospital (which as I said, what sort of what I expected).

So I slept in E’s room last night on the bed with her (much to her delight), and roused her at midnight, 3am and 6am.  I slept like crap and had nightmares.  It was fun.

I really wish I could be the kind of parent who demands numbing cream for a regular shot because it’s so traumatic.  I want to be scared by a fall, not debating the neurological impact (I want to be normal, not a melodramatic parent).  I don’t want to know the protocols for a child with a neuro event in the past with regards to falls.  I don’t want to have a pediatric neurologist in my contacts.

I really don’t like being reminded of something that is largely behind us…except in moments like this.

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2 Responses to Reminded…

  1. Rachel M says:

    Wow that’s terrible! Hope she’s feeling better today. Poor baby 😦

    We’ve had several head injuries and they are horrible!

  2. Saffy says:

    What a mega shitty position to be in. Thank the stars for the team back in Boston huh? Big hugs >:D<

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