This sums up life with a toddler pretty well…

I’ve mentioned before that Elanor’s (and my) favorite board book author is Leslie Patricelli.  I featured Yummy Yucky as a favored bedtime read, featured Yummy Yucky as one of the props for Elanor’s first birthday photo shoot, and even got to interview Ms Patricelli on her last virtual book tour.  So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Yummy Yucky came along to Phuket on vacation with us.

However, Elanor’s request that Ravi read it to her didn’t quite go as planned.  The end result sums up life with a toddler quite well, though, I think.

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2 Responses to This sums up life with a toddler pretty well…

  1. Saffy says:

    Thanks to you I also think that Yummy Yucky is the best book ever. I love reading it to D out loud. One day very soon when I’m not so rude I’ll actually send you a proper thank you. But for now – thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All 3 are fantastic – YY just happens to appeal to my SOH most – it’s brilliant. As are you x

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