Resorts with baby…

My in-laws are arriving in 3 days (YAY!-and not just because they’re bringing up Tang, Slim Jims and Twinkies among other things) for a 3 week stay.  During our stay, the game plan is to go to Phuket in Thailand for a 4-5 day resort/beachy vacation.  I ended up the one in charge of everything because I cared most about child facilities and such.

What I learned is that with the exception of Club Med (which was 1500 USD a person per day) there wasn’t a resort, no matter how kid friendly, that took kids under the age of 4 or 5 into their kids clubs without individualized supervision.  Which is lame.  Which is how now we’re bringing B with us as well.  E will hang out with us and her grandparents, but I want to do a 6-hour elephant/4 wheeler/bum boat trek through the jungle and such and Ravi and I want to check out the nightlife.    I’m glad we have the option of B, but I wonder what the point of a resort vacation is with kids younger than 4?

Personally I think I like the idea of a resort more than I’m going to like the actuality.  At heart I see a hotel as a place you store your bags, not a place you spend time.  I feel this will probably be my downfall on a cruise too–although with a  cruise you’re supposed to get off the boat and have day trips, so perhaps not.

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