“Poopy!”  That’s how she says it, like it’s her generation’s Tom Cruise (circa 1989) or New Kids on the Block (again, circa 1989).

Here is the problem…”Poopy!” does not necessarily have a consistent meaning.  It can mean that she has, in fact, shat her diaper.  Ironically, she usually doesn’t tell us when that happy event has occurred, leaving it to our olfactory prowess to discover.  It often means she’s wet.  Sometimes I have no idea what it means, other than she’s shrieking it loudly, in public (or at home, but that’s far less embarrassing), and with great gusto.

Of course, I don’t discourage her from saying it.  It is, after all, quite an important word in terms of the potty training I dream of one day achieving (or even restarting).  I do gently (or with false amusement) say “you’re not poopy, I just changed you” when I know for certain (see description of actions not several moments past) that she isn’t, and to reassure those around me that I am not pushing/carrying/walking after a toddler whose diaper is holding in a full load (NOT NEGLECTFUL–maybe I should get a t-shirt made?).  I want her to use it, but I want her to use it correctly, so we’ve been having quite the scatalogical conversation thread in our home (and in the mall, and in the cab, and…) wherein we name actions (peeing, pooping) when they’ve been found to occur or as I (or Ravi) perform them.

I realize that we are not actually on the potty training racetrack, as yet…we’re more hanging out in the stands, having a hot cocoa, talking about which horses we want to bet on than actually being in the gate or through it.  BUT it is slightly disheartening to know that this is the sort of conversation I can look forward to for years to come (as there will be another to potty train at some point down the road).

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  1. Saffy says:

    No, no, no disheartening bits please 🙂 I hadn’t even begun to consider the ‘public’ aspect to toilet training – I’m with you in that if she says it, so be it, it’s an important word/time…. but geezus, I’m going to have to get a thicker shell 🙂 So much to learn, thank goodness you’re taking the lead!!!

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