Independent Lady

Now that our hot water heater in the master bath is fixed (and this is a thank fate that in SG, each bathroom has it’s own hot water heater), I was able to put E in the tub for a bath.

She loved watching the water come out of the faucet (she always has), and when I turned it off, she clearly said “I want more,” gesturing at the faucet.

“No, Ellie, that’s all the water you get.” (not quite waist high, adequate for splashing without making a giant disaster)

I looked away for a second and heard the water turn back on.

She looked at me, and then, to finish making her point, added…”More.”


Anyone know of a way I can stop her from turning into a teenager?  I’m frightened.

At least she hasn’t tried turning it on again.

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2 Responses to Independent Lady

  1. Rachel M says:

    next comes the crying fit when you say no to “more” thus ruining what used to be a perfectly nice bath time for all.

    • Crystal says:

      something to look forward to.

      Thanks for commenting…you hadn’t updated in a few days, so I was wondering how things stood with you. Update, please!

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