Nap Update…aka I give up

So I have no idea what to say about naps.

There are days when E goes down at 1 or 2 and naps for 1-3 hours.  No muss no fuss.

Other days, she will resist the nap until 7.  I will put her down, she will be napping and her will power will just overpower the nap.  And she will howl until I know she’s on the verge of puking.  But then she sleeps for an hour, wakes up cranky as hell, but won’t go to sleep and just stays awake until midnight/1am, which is exhausting.

We’ve also had days where she’s just napped on the go (after a dr’s appt when we’re out without a choice in the matter) without a problem.

I have no fucking clue.  Scheduling doesn’t work for us…she’s doing a lot of doctor’s appointments right now (trying to find a local team or the closest thing to it), and she DOES scream herself to the point of puking and hysteria at which point she isn’t napping at ALL so re-ferberizing isn’t working.

My best guess is that she’s hitting some sort of growth spurt/developmental change and she’s trying to work it out.  It doesn’t seem super rare for a two year old to not nap every day, and she’s now 20 months old.  We’re getting old enough that I’m going to put it in terms of quiet time.  Nap/don’t nap…but you need quiet time.  I have read that sleep disruption between 18-24 months is also common because of all the mental activity that’s going on…and we’re certain mid-language explosion…and that the reason kids in this age group have trouble sleeping/napping is that there’s just too much neural activity happening.  At least her night time sleep is stable (knock wood).

Mostly I’m just going to roll with it.  I’m going to stop trying to schedule around naps that just don’t happen predictably.  We’ll just go about our lives and if she naps, great.  If she doesn’t, she doesn’t.

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2 Responses to Nap Update…aka I give up

  1. Saffy says:

    What about mommy’s having a sleep, does E want one too? Just a wishful thought.

    Scheduling doesn’t work here either. I spoke with a friend tonight about when D starts daycare and she said “don’t be disappointed when they change her routine” and I thought to myself WHAT ROUTINE??

    Exciting that it’s a big developmental stage. Wish it didn’t mean sleep disruption for you/E though.

    And totally off topic, but 100 Plus sounds disgusting. Like some kind of Fear Factor brew. Yuck.

    • Crystal says:

      She doesn’t care that *I* want to nap…she cares that she doesn’t. What we did today was to put her down at “naptime” and give her Sesame Street. She was quiet and there was a chance she’d sleep in her crib. What I do see is her at least wanting to go to bed at night a bit earlier, so I think she’s catching a few extra zzz’s overnight.

      Daycares do tend to have rigid schedules, which will take D some getting used to. The feedback I’ve heard is that you’ll want to know waht they are because she may get angry with you on weekends for not sticking to them. (But as always, that depends on whether or not it’s best for your family)

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