Then and now

For a detailed account of our 4th celebration in Singapore, go to the Singapore Blog. (Plus a contest!)

Holidays are one of those times when you predictably have annual pictures.  So it surprised me when last year I didn’t have a picture filled post of our 4th in DC that I could lazily link back to.

I did read her 8 month letter and was horrified to hear she was 14 pounds back then…her annual weight gain being 5 lbs, most of that in the last 4 months.  YIKES.  She’s gotten more teeth (14 more teeth for a total of 16…all but the 2 year molars…and maybe those have come in…I’m not brave enough to try and feel) in that period of time.  Also, WAY more hair!

JULY 2009

Elanor was 8 months old, and we were on our road trip from Boston to Raleigh, South Carolina (about 700 miles straight, or 1100 km straight…and we did a lot of stopping).  We spent the 4th in DC as part of our visit with our cousins who live near there.  We attended the reading of the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives, watched the parade, visited a few of the Smithsonian Museums, and then had dinner and watched the fireworks on the National Mall.

Wow, it’s almost like I’m IN the parade!  Lame photo op, parents of mine…

Today she’d care a hell of a lot more about being that close to Oscar

Super excited about standing (with help), super excited about her ball that lights up from the Smithsonian…couldn’t give a damn about the fireworks.

JULY 2010

We have moved from Boston to Singapore.  Elanor is 20 months old, walking, (sort of) talking, and eating table food.  Just about the only thing that’s the same is the stroller!

We attended an American 4th celebration put on by the American Association (go to the Singapore blog to read more about it in general).  Elanor was engaged by all the people, ate half of a footlong hot dog, watched the fireworks with deep concentration and awe and danced to the band after the fireworks.

It’s amazing to see how much everything has changed in just a year…

Sugary?  Eh, they’re just baby teeth…they’ll fall out anyways…

It glows and it’s on my leg….innnnnteresting.  VERY interesting.

When I stop reading, you KNOW it’s good

When you’re with them everyday, you notice changes, but I think it’s the holidays when you have clear photographic, video and memories when you can actually SEE how much change happens in just a year.

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3 Responses to Then and now

  1. Saffy says:

    OMG how quickly your lovely, sweet little Elmo loving baby girl grows! She ate half a foot long?? I’m impressed! Happy I.D.

  2. Rachel M says:

    yeah i was surprised at the big difference in mine! They sure mature and lengthen in the toddler stage!!! I can’t believe she ate half a foot long hot dog!!! I have a feeling her weight is going to pick up this year if she keeps eating that way. Mine also gained 5lbs total in one year’s time.

    • Crystal says:

      Hearing yours had some slow weight gain makes me feel better. I’ve kind of let go about the weight gain as she’s gained like 3 pounds in the last 4ish months and is making good progress towards that elusive 3rd percentile (although we’re still below the curve), but seeing that she was only 5 lbs lighter (and knowing that most of that 5 lbs is super recent gain) was a bit of a mindfuck (if you’ll excuse the term).

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