Places I Love #3–The Discovery Museum, Acton

This is an entry I should’ve written months ago.

The Discovery Museum is a play museum for children under 6.  There is a small infant area, but primarily it’s for mobile kids.  I’ve been three or so times and would have gone more often except (A) they close VERY early (3 or 4) and (B) it was almost an hour drive from my house.  My friend Aimee lives far closer and thus has a membership.  Hopefully she’ll comment about all the things she loves.

The Discovery Museum is housed in what used to be a person’s 3 story house.  Each story has various themed rooms.  There’s also a “shipwreck” outside the museum for kids to play in.

Elanor (11ish months) with her buddy Zane (of the adorable blonde curls) in the ship room on the 3rd floor

What’s great is to have a museum really aimed at the little ones.  Few children’s museums (with the exception of the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia–see my post here, now edited to add pictures!) really do a good job of addressing the interests and needs of the younger kids.  The Boston Children’s Museum is an AWESOME museum…if you’re 4/5 or older–the infant/toddler area is kind of meh for the hassle it is to get there.  Of course this can mean huge school groups coming through from what can seem like every pre-school in the state…which can be a bit overwhelming to the parent of a 1-2 year old…those pre-schoolers look like linebackers!


(not shown…me telling Elanor to be careful of the big kids as she shoved them out of the way)

There is also free parking, and I don’t think I need to sell ANYONE on the virtues of that!

Ella and CJ want to know if there’s free boat parking too

As a parent, my biggest selling point is that I don’t get bored there.  Where each room is themed, you have a lot to constantly engage with your child over.  There’s a jungle room and you can talk about all the animals while they try to cross a bridge.  In the rainbow room, the steps of the slide are all different colors (and they light up or make noise…I forget) so you can tell the child what color they’re stepping on.  In the ship room, there are flags, various stuffed and plastic sea life, a sand table, wheels to steer by (see above where E is shoving pre-schoolers out of the way to get to the wheel).  It is a genuinely fun and interesting place to take your small one.

Enjoying the shipwreck outside

Perhaps best of all is that when your kids outgrow the Discovery Museum, there’s a Science Museum right behind them for kids 6+.  Not having a child in that age range, I’ve never been, but I’ve heard good things.

Hopefully when we visit Boston in November, we’ll have a playdate at the museum with our friends…and we can do the following again.

Ellie misses her Auntie Aimee

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  1. Ange says:

    I’ve been to the 6+ museum, and it’s really fun. Even for us big kids. 🙂 There’s tons of stuff to do (loved the sand pendulum near the entrance and the “invisible keyboard” (or something like that – you wave your arms through the space and it makes noise) upstairs. This was around 1999/ 2000, so things might be different now, but I had a good time, and I was about 20-ish then. 🙂

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