Elanor learned a new word about a week ago.


In her world, no means no but it can also mean yes as she nods her head yes and says no.

On one hand it’s cool that she can express her wishes more clearly (and that she has a new word).  On the other, it’s a word I’m already tired of..  On the third, it’s so damn funny when she says it because she has this tiny high voice and she stretches it out, saying “Noooo,” (although not with a whine….yet).

We are officially in toddlerland…

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2 Responses to NO

  1. That is the best time! Enjoy it. It’s not as fun when they are 14 and saying nooooo (and they DO whine.)

  2. Saffy says:

    Me thinks we need a little clip to see toddlerland in action 🙂

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